eBay: Estes Original Pro Series Rockets, Launch Pad, and Controller

A seller on eBay is currently offering an Estes Pro Series “bundle” which includes the Impulse, Maxi Force, Patriot, Terrier/Sandhawk, and Jay Hawk Pro Series kits along with the Command Control Launch Controller and the Power Plex Pad.

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eBay: Vintage Centuri Buck Rogers Starfighter and Centuri Laser Lance

As I browsed eBay looking for “weird, wacky, or way-cool” listings, I came across two kits which may be of interest to collectors and others. Both are offered by the same seller who seems to have discovered a stash of old Centuri Buck Rogers kits.

Centuri Buck Rogers Starfighter (5335) – In 1979, Centuri released three kits inspired by the TV show Buck Rogers. The Starfighter is the coolest of the bunch.

The other kit from the seller is the Centuri Buck Rogers Laser Lance. It’s a more typical looking rocket, but still an interesting addition for your collection.