Supporting Bruce McLawhorn of Semroc

Earlier this year, Carl McLawhorn passed away leaving his wife, Sheryl, and son Bruce to run Semroc. Now, the family is facing more emotional trauma as Bruce is in the hospital. Admitted suffering from an intense form of the flu and pneumonia, his kidneys stopped functioning forcing him to be placed on dialysis. Bruce’s long-term outlook is good, but he has a long road to recovery and the family is already experiencing financial hardship.

Members of the rocketry community are coming together to support Bruce, Sheryl and Semroc by sending donations by PayPal to

Jeffery Smith is auctioning a built and finished FlisKits Nomad with the proceeds going to support Bruce and his family.

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2010 EMRR Challenge Winners Announced

Do you remember 2010? Bell-bottom jeans, cell phones the size of a loaf of bread, the new Atari 2600 ….

Okay, 2010 wasn’t that long ago. But, it’s been a while since Nick Esselmann kicked off the 2010 EMRR Challenge. I took over EMRR (now at the end of that year. Although filled with an incredible amount of information about rocketry, EMMR had become difficult, almost impossible, to continue to maintain and enhance. So, I undertook the task of updating EMRR to a more extensible and maintainable architecture.

With the work it took to create and import information from the original EMRR, the Challenge and the contests related to it, often took a back seat. I apologize if this bothered anyone, but I had to prioritize my limited time and many of the things associated with contests took larger blocks of my time than working on the web site.

But … we are

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