Facebook Integration

Facebook Integration has been added to If you enable this option, the flights, builds, build entries, and reviews that you add to will be summarized and posted to your Facebook page automatically. The Facebook post will include a brief summary of the flight, build, build entry, or review followed by a link to read the entire article at

To enable Facebook Integration, log into Select “Facebook Integration” from the “My Account” menu. Click the “click here” link as directed. You will be taken to Facebook where, following the prompts, you can log into Facebook and authorize to post to the site. can only post to your Facebook page when you are using and are logged into Facebook. If tries to post something to Facebook and you are not logged into Facebook, will prompt you to click a “click here” link to go to

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View the Most (and Least) Popular Reviews

The Top Reviews link under the Features menu displays a list of the “Top” (most viewed) 25 reviews at it also displays a list of the 25 “Bottom” (least viewed) reviews.

If a review that you wrote appears in the “Top” list, please feel free to savor the knowledge that you’ve written one of the most well-received reviews at Don’t forget to email or call your friends to inform them of your greatness. Don’t forget to tell Mom!

If a review that you wrote appears in the “Bottom” list, please understand that the web site contains thousands of reviews and only a handful of them are viewed by site visitors each day . The site has been maintaining the review statistics for a very short time, so the ranking of the reviews by popularity is to be taken with a very large grain of salt.

Although it is listed in the “Bottom”

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Revising Your Reviews

When you are logged into you can click “My Reviews” in the “My Stuff” block to see a list of your reviews and the status of each of the reviews. The Status values are:

DRAFT – You are still working on the review SUBMITTED – You have submitted the review to the editors RETURNED – The editors have returned the review to you to be updated PUBLISHED – The review has been published

Once your review has been published, it is viewable by all visitors to

You have the option of revising a published review to correct mistakes, add images, or update information in the review.

To update a review that you created, display the review by selecting it in the “My Reviews” list or by browsing or searching the site’s reviews. At the bottom of the review page, you’ll see an “Edit This Review” link.

Click the link to revise the

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Submitting A Review to

Reviews are, of course, the heart of Currently the site features more than 4000 kit and product reviews submitted by visitors to the site. You can support the site, and the rocketry community in general, by submitting reviews of kits you’ve built and rocketry-related products you have used.

While most of the reviews on are of rocket kits, reviews can be done of any product of interest to rocketry hobbyists. You can review new products, products that have been on the market for some time, and even “Out-of-Production”) (“OOP”) products that are no longer being manufactured. We also accept reviews of your own scratch-built rockets.

To submit a review, you must first be a registered member of We’ve tried to make the registration process quick and easy. To register, please visit the Create an Account page.

Enter your name, email address, and the password you wish to use. Please use

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