TTRA September Launch Photographs

My photographs from the September, 2011, TTRA launch have been added to the Photo Album.

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Ellis Kansas Declared ‘Rocket Town’

The city council of Ellis, Kansas, passed a declaration to call the city “Rocket Town” on July 28, 2011. The declaration is in honor of the fourth anniversary of Big Creek Rocketry, a rocketry education program offered through the Ellis Public Library.

At the city council’s regular meeting on July 5, 2011, Ellis mayor Dave McDaniel read the proclamation calling for the city of about 2000 residents to be called “Rocket Town” on July 28. On July 28, Big Creek Rocketry will host a night model rocket launch.

Rocketry Clubs? Who Needs ‘Em?

A recent discussion in an online rocketry forum turned into a debate on the merits of joining and participating in local rocket clubs. Surprisingly, most of the comments were in support of the tenuous contention that clubs are a good thing. How these posters came to the conclusion that rocketry clubs serve some useful purpose is hard to comprehend.

Historically, model rocketry has been a solo activity. A committee isn’t formed to build an Estes Alpha III. You sit alone in your living room or garage and you build the rocket by yourself. You don’t need a club.

A couple of times a year, you hunt through all the stuff in the garage for your launch pad and controllers then you dig through the kitchen drawer for some batteries. You lug all the stuff to the local school and, assuming you didn’t forget something like the launch rod, you launch the rocket a couple

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