Some Great Online Rocketry Deals – Updated

Amazon currently has a few Estes kits at 40% or more off the MSRP. Visit the Rocketry Deals Finder for links to the kits.


Bellevue Hobby Center is currently offering the Estes Interceptor E kit for under $20. They have a couple of other discontinued Estes kits at bargain prices, too. I have no relationship with Bellevue and do not know how many of the kits they have available. (Edit: The Interceptor E kits are now out-of-stock at Bellevue.)

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More Deals at has a few model rocket kits currently priced at more than 40% off the list price. Because the prices for these kits may change at any time, I’m displaying them as Amazon ads below. The ads include the latest pricing information. Be sure to check out the Rocketry Deals Finder to discover more bargains.

Quest Shuttle Intrepid Model Rocket Kit – 45% off at – Offered Expired

Here’s another deal I found with the Rocketry Deal Finder. Amazon has the Quest Shuttle Intrepid kit at 45% off list price. It is eligible for free “Super Saver Shipping” (on orders over $25) and for free two-day Amazon Prime shipping.

Estes D-Region Tomahawk Model Rocket Kit – 41% Off at Amazon

The Deal Finder this morning is showing the Estes D-Region Tomahawk Model Rocket Kit at more than 40% off the list price at And, shipping is free if you are an Amazon Prime member.

In The Shadow of the Moon on Sale on DVD and Blu-Ray

Visiting today I was presented with a tantalizing offer, the documentary In the Shadow of the Moon on DVD for a price that was about 70% off the list price. I checked the Blu-Ray version and discovered that it isn’t discounted as much as the DVD, but is still a bargain at more than 50% off list price. I originally watched the film in a theater with a group of people from our local rocketry clubs. The film consists mostly of recent interviews with the men who travelled to the moon who reveal what it was like to make that grand journey and how it affected them after returning to earth. The home video releases include additional interviews and other “bonus” material. I highly recommend In the Shadow of the Moon for those interested in the Apollo program and the history of manned space flight.


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A Handy Little Scale

Getting accurate weights of individual parts is important when choosing a motor for a rocket and for modeling and simulating a rocket in Rocksim or OpenRocket. For larger rockets, especially, it is sometimes difficult to weigh parts on a flat scale. So, here’s something else I bought from and “re-purposed” for rocketry use. It’s a “Digital Hanging Scale” that’s commonly used for weighing fish. It’s small, a little larger and heavier than a deck of playing cards, and cost less than $20. I’ve found it handy for weighing parts of larger rockets and it’s small enough to carry to a launch just in case you need to weigh something onsite.