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The discussion forums include topics specific to and will be used to replace the system used currently for posting and reading comments at There are also general discussion forums for rocketry topics.

When I first put the discussion forums online last year, I was using a beta version of the forum software from Invision Power Systems. I modified the software to integrate it with and to add other features specifically for rocketry people. By the time the release version of the software became available, it had changed too much and my updates to it no longer worked correctly. So, I temporarily shut down the forums.

Now they are back. This time, I am using the release version of the software and making changes to it more slowly and carefully.  I’ve started using it as the framework for new features (such as the Rocket Name Generator) while I continue to maintain the current site.

Right now works like most any other forum – though you will find that it is easier to use than most.  For example, when you are posting a message, you can “drag and drop” an image into the upload bar at the bottom of the editor window. The image will automatically upload then you can drag and drop it into your post.

In the near future, I’m going to update to automatically create new topics when information is added to  For example, when a review is added, a topic will be created with a summary of the review. To comment on the review, you can post a reply to the review’s topic in the forum or from the review page at

Another thing I am going to try to do soon is to make the forum software recognize more file types including Rocksim and OpenRocket simulation files. So, if you attach a simulation file to a post in the forum, it will be added to the library at and will display as an icon representing the design in your post. A click on the icon will take the reader to’s page with more information about the design and a link to download the file.

Thanks to those who previously volunteered to help moderate the forums.  I will be contacting you soon to ask for your help with the new forums.


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