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Apologies for getting behind in processing new reviews and other site maintenance.  Between the holidays and a bad cold or the flu or whatever, I wasn’t able to spend enough time working on the site.  But, I’m catching up now. Community

I had to take a big step backwards and basically start-over with the new Community web site.  Shortly after I set up the new site, a major upgrade of the software I used was announced.  The modifications I had made to the software are not compatible with the new version of the software. Instead of continuing to develop the site around software which would soon be outdated, I decided to wait until a stable release of the new version of the software was available.

Now that a public beta version of the software has been released, I’ve begun extending it to support  I’m taking things slower this time, though, to avoid some problems I had earlier.  The main problem I had concerned including existing information. I had tried to make the new site use the same database as the existing web site.  But, that didn’t work well because of technical difficulties such as differing character sets between the two sites and differences in the ways the editors produced and saved text.

This time, I’m designing the new site as a separate site with a separate database.  Wherever possible, I’ll have the new site share data with the existing site. But, the emphasis will be on making the new site work as well as it can.

Currently, there’s not much to do at the new Community web site. But, over time, it’ll grow into a useful resource for rocketry hobbyists.


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