The Coolest Hobby Rocket of All Time

scan0001I just posted a blog entry at about the University High School Space Shuttle. The space shuttle model stood about five-foot tall and flew on an I motor. Unlike every other flying space shuttle model, it did not have any added fins for stability.  At apogee, the Solid Rocket Boosters separated and the orbiter began gliding back to earth under radio control.  The rocket flew several times including a flight at Epcot.

Could it be the coolest hobby rocket that ever flew?  Maybe.

Another contender would have to be Steve Eve’s Saturn V.  Steve’s 1/10 scale Saturn V stood about 40 feet tall.  It flew on a cluster of motors producing more than 40,000 pounds of thrust.  It’s one, and only, flight attracted a crowd numbering about 5000. Based on the number of videos posted online, it was probably to most photographed hobby rocket launch of all time.

Then there’s the CSXT Go Fast rocket.  It flew to an altitude of more than 72 miles – officially making it into space.

Team Qu8k’s rocket didn’t go quite as high, but reaching more than 100,000 feet is certainly an accomplishment.  If it wasn’t for a glitch with the GPS data, the flight would have won the $10,000 Carmack prize.  It’s the onboard video from the flight, though, that earns the Qu8K a nomination as coolest rocket.  Watch as the camera cover melts from the heat produced as the rocket hit Mach 3.


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