A Handy Little Scale

Getting accurate weights of individual parts is important when choosing a motor for a rocket and for modeling and simulating a rocket in Rocksim or OpenRocket.  For larger rockets, especially, it is sometimes difficult to weigh parts on a flat scale. So, here’s something else I bought from and “re-purposed” for rocketry use.  It’s a “Digital Hanging Scale” that’s commonly used for weighing fish.  It’s small, a little larger and heavier than a deck of playing cards, and cost less than $20.  I’ve found it handy for weighing parts of larger rockets and it’s small enough to carry to a launch just in case you need to weigh something onsite.


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  • I picked up this scale a few months back, Great! buy and cheap, Its great cause while trying to weight a tall bird in the house I can’t cause mine are usually taller than my ceiling, With this I just made a sling for the bird and can weight it sideways. Perfect.

    Gary T.

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