Printable Flight Logs

You can now download and print a flight log for each rocket in your “Rocket Gallery.” The flight logs are intended to be printed on standard 8.5 x 11″ paper which can be hole-punched to store in a notebook.  The flight logs include a summary of the flights already entered and space to record additional flights.

To print a flight log, log into then select “My Rockets” from the “My Account” menu.  Choose a rocket from the list of rockets in your gallery and click on its title.  Look in the “What You Can Do” section for links to “Print This Rocket’s Flight Log” and “Print a Blank Flight Log for this Rocket.”

The first option generates a downloadable flight log with summaries of the flights already recorded for the rocket and blank entries that you can fill in on-site when launching the rocket. The second option creates a log with just blank entries.

Both options generate a PDF file which you can download to your computer and print.  To use the PDF file, you must have a PDF reader installed.  Adobe Acrobat is a free application which allows you to view and print PDF files.

The first page of the printable flight log includes a photograph of your rocket if you’ve uploaded one using the “Upload an Image of This Rocket” option. 

By default, the first image you uploaded for the rocket is used. If you would like the printed flight log to use a different image, click on the desired image’s thumbnail at the bottom of your rocket’s page to display the image. 

Scroll down and click on “Edit the Title and Caption of This Image” under the photograph.  Edit the title of the photograph and enter an asterisk (“*”) before the title.  Click the Submit button to update the title. The printed flight log will use the image which has a title starting with the * character.

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