Rocketry Loses Another Friend

Darrell Mobley created Rocketry Online, one of the first rocketry web sites on the internet.  Later, he started Rocketry Planet which has become the premiere site on the web for rocketry news. Rocketry Planet also hosts one of the most popular rocketry discussion forums.

Darrell Mobley died a few days ago.

Darrell was an active rocketeer and I met him several times at NEFAR launches.  He usually brought a selection of his amazing collection of rockets including a number of Estes Maxi-Brute Honest Johns modified to fly on high-power motors that are almost as large as the rockets.

I just spent some time reviewing photographs I took at NEFAR launches. Looking for a photo of Darrell to include in this article,  I found him in a few shots. He always wore a bright yellow t-shirt which made him easy to spot.  None of the photos seemed approprite to use to illustrate this post, but, I think, they do say a little about Darrell.  In the photos I found, he’s off to the side or in the background, talking to others.

When I had the chance to talk to Darrell, at the launches, through email, and in Rocketry Planet’s forums, I always found him friendly and open to hearing my suggestions and opinions. Even though I didn’t agree with a few of the things he said on Rocketry Planet and in other discussions of rocketry, I never doubted his sincerity and his support of the rocketry hobby.

Darrell will be missed. The rocketry community has suffered a great loss.  On behalf of myself and, I extend heartfelt condolences to Darrell’s family and friends.

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