Giant Leap Rocketry Releases the MARIAH-54

The Mariah-54 is a minimum diameter 54mm kit from Giant Leap Rocketry. Like its smaller cousin (the Mariah-38)  the Mariah-54 features Giant
Leap’s new Shotgun Recovery System. This means that the Mariah-54 is dual-deployment but has only one separation point to reduce drag and increase performance. The Shotgun configuration makes this a unique and high-performance rocket. The Mariah-54 is complex and comes with a detailed
twenty-five page instruction and flight manual. It is intended for intermediate to advanced flyers who want to reach extreme altitudes as well as for those
attempting speed or altitude records. The kit includes Magna-Frame composite tubing, curved fins in G-10 fiberglass, a Pinnacle nosecone, parachute, and
Kevlar recovery system. The Mariah-54 also features an updated version of the Bread-Box Avionics Bay with a sliding access door to easily insert your electronics. The Mariah-54 is available at an introductory price at of $119 from Giant Leap Rocketry.  It is also available in a money-saving package with the Raven2 altimeter from Featherweight.

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  • Mark II

    I still haven’t been able to figure out what GLR’s “Shotgun Recovery System” actually is, how it works or what makes it different from more familiar two-stage deployment methods. The phrase “shotgun recovery” is not unfamiliar to me, though. I have used it in the past in a more literal sense to refer, half-seriously, to a method for a.) recovering a rocket that has become stuck high up in a tree; b.) enhancing the descent rate of a rocket that is in the process of being carried away on a thermal. Not that I have ever actually done either one, mind you.

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