Rocketeers Helping Others

On the home page of, you will now see a list of rocketry-related items up for auction on eBay.  The sellers of the items are donating a percentage of the sale to a charity through a program eBay runs called eBay Giving Works. The list will only be displayed when there are active auction listings.

eBay Giving Works makes it easy for people selling items on eBay to donate a portion (or all) of the selling price of an item to one of hundreds of charities participating in the program.

If you are listing auctions on eBay, please consider donating a portion of the selling price to a charity. If you do, and the item you are selling is rocketry-related, please let us know through the form at  Once we’ve reviewed the auction listing, we will add it to the list displayed on the home page and the Charity Auctions page.

You will benefit by having your auction listing seen by visitors to This may help your item sell for a higher price.  If you represent a company, the listing on the home page will help introduce visitors to your company and products.

You will also be supporting and a worthy charity.

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