Updated Forum Image Uploader

The Forum Image Uploader is a tool for making it easier to upload images to and use them in forum posts at The Rocketry Forum, Ye Olde Rocket Forum, and other online forums.


You’ll be prompted to log in. If don’t already have an account at, you’ll need to select the “Sign up” link. Otherwise, enter the email address and password that you use for

Once logged in, you’ll see a simple form for uploading your picture. You can also upload an OpenRocket or a Rocksim design file.

To upload a file, drag the file and drop it in the box. Or click the box and select the file to upload. Then enter a title for the file. Finally, click the “Submit” button then sit back and wait. It may take a little while for the file to upload.

Once the file is uploaded, you’ll see a thumbnail of it displayed along with buttons to get the “BB Code” for embedding the image in TRF (or another forum). Buttons are displayed for several images sizes from “Icon” to “Large.”

The “Medium” size works nicely in most forum posts, but you might want to use “Large” for a detailed photograph.

Click the appropriate button beside the image to display the BB Code. Then click the “Copy to Clipboard” button (or use your mouse to highlight the code you want to use followed by a “right-click” and selecting “Copy”) to copy the BB Code to your clipboard.

Then go to your new pos in the forum and paste the code in the message where you wish the image to appear.

The code looks like:

[img] [/img]

Once you save your post, the BB Code will be replaced by your image. If the reader clicks on the image, the image will be displayed at Clicking again will display the full-resolution version of the image.

The advantages of using the image manager for forum images are that … it gives you the code you need to paste into your message to display the image; it automatically resizes your image for the forum and links back to where the full-size image can be displayed; and it is easy to use.

Also, you can select and use any images you’ve uploaded to, not just ones specifically uploaded through the Forum Image Uploader. Click the “Forum Images” tab to display the most recent images you have uploaded using the Forum Image Uploader . Click the “My Images” tab to see the most recent images you have added to Click the “Search” tab to search images that you have added to

In addition to standard jpg, gif, and png image files, the Forum Image Uploader also allows you to upload Rocksim and OpenRocket design files.

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