Remodeling is currently going through an update to make the pages more responsive and the site easier to use.  This latest remodeling effort is the third or fourth time that I have tried to make a major change to the way that the web site looks and acts.  All the previous efforts involved rewriting the code for the site from scratch.  All of the previous efforts failed when I realized just how overwhelming huge the task of rewriting all of the code and importing the existing data would be.

This time, instead of recreating all of the code for the web site, I am rewriting sections of from the inside out.  By keeping the existing infrastructure of the site, all of the existing features will continue to work as I update the site and add new features and there is no need to import all of the existing information into a new site.

There are three main goals of the update.

The first goal is to improve the user interface to make more modern looking, more responsive, and easier to use.  I am giving the site a cleaner, modern appearance which looks good and works well on all sizes of displays from smart phones and tablets through desktop monitors.  Custom controls are being added to make it easier to navigate the site and enter information.

The second goal is to add some long-missing, much-needed features such as allowing you to select units used for display and input. For example, the Flight Log is being updated to allow you to display and enter altitude in your choice of feet or meters.

The third goal is to fix existing problems with the site and make it easier to add features (and fix problems) in the future.  I am developing reusable components for user-interface controls and the back-end which will make it easier to add new features and maintain the site.

As always, your feedback is welcome.  There is a “Contact Us” link at the bottom of each page at which you can use to ask questions or leave suggestions.


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