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Look for more designs to be indexed in the Rocksim Library and the OpenRocket Libray. I updated the “spider” which searches the internet for designs. It now also looks inside zip archive files. This has already added dozens of designs to the indexes.

I made the “thumbnails” displayed in Photo Albums larger. The pages will take longer to display, but the photos look much better.

I added a “Search” tab to the Rocketry Plans and Instructions index. This will make it easier for you to find plans or instructions without having to search the entire site.

More Links to Rocketry Kit Instructions Added

I recently added many new Rocketry Kit Instruction Manuals to the Rocketry Plans and Instructions database of Included are about a dozen direct links to PDF scans of some Estes model rocket kit instruction manuals that I have not seen posted on any other rocketry web sites.

If you are aware of any instruction manuals for rocketry products that are available for download from the internet and are not already listed in the database, please use the Submit a Plan or Instructions option displayed at the bottom of plans and instructions pages. You will be asked for the title of the plan or instructions, a description, and the URL to the plan or instruction manual. Enter at least the URL (the Title and Description are optional) then click the Submit button.

Please enter the URL of the page on which you found the link to the plan or manual, not a direct link

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