Updated Forum Image Uploader

The Forum Image Uploader is a tool for making it easier to upload images to and use them in forum posts at The Rocketry Forum, Ye Olde Rocket Forum, and other online forums.


You’ll be prompted to log in. If don’t already have an account at, you’ll need to select the “Sign up” link. Otherwise, enter the email address and password that you use for

Once logged in, you’ll see a simple form for uploading your picture. You can also upload an OpenRocket or a Rocksim design file.

To upload a file, drag the file and drop it in the box. Or click the box and select the file to upload. Then enter a title for the file. Finally, click the “Submit” button then sit back and wait. It may take a little while for the file to upload.

Once the file is uploaded, you’ll see a thumbnail of

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Featured Rocketry Blog Posts’s Featured Rocketry Blog Posts page list posts selected from rocketry blogs that are especially interesting. The page displays summaries of featured posts with links to read the entire post or to view a list of related posts. The Featured Rocketry Blog Posts page gathers the best of the rocketry blogs in one place.

“How to Build Model Rockets” at

Chris Michielssen’s “How to Build Model Rockets” tutorial is now featured on the home page of the National Association of Rocketry’s web site. The series of articles is the first reference listed in the sites’s “More Rocket and Rocketry Information” section.

Chris recently donated the tutorial to NAR which quickly moved it to its new home at The series contains a detailed description of how to build and finish a model rocket. Although appropriate for beginners, “How to Build Model Rockets” offers a number of tips and techniques of interest to all model rocket builders.

Chris first built and flew model rockets in 1969. He currently runs Odd’l Rockets, a manufacturer of model rocket kits, and maintains the Model Rocket Building Blog.’s Online Rocketry Tools

I received an email a couple of days ago reporting a problem with one of the Online Rocketry Tools at It turns out that all of the tools were broken due to an error in restoring a backup of the web site.

I’ve fixed the problem and the tools are now working again.

In the future, I plan to move to tools to At the tools will receive more exposure and will be easier for me to maintain and enhance. But, for now, you can access the following tools at

Centering Ring / Motor Mount Tool

The Centering Ring / Motor Mount Tool prints a template for a centering ring or motor mount. The template can be printed actual size. The parameters you enter to define the ring match those used by Balsa Machining Service which makes this tool useful for ‘visualizing’ a center ring or motor mount before ordering it

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