Personal RSS Feeds

Links to “Personal RSS Feeds” are listed on each Personal Page. These are links to RSS feeds containing summaries of the latest Builds, Reviews, and other submissions to by the owner of the Personal Page.

Most browsers now have a way to subscribe to an RSS feed so that you can keep up with the latest submissions from a specific member. You can also use a dedicated RSS reader.

If you have a blog, you can use the RSS feed links on your Personal Page to add summaries of your submissions to your blog. For help on using the RSS feeds in your blog, select the type of blog you have:

Blogger WordPress


Personal Pages’s Personal Pages are like the site’s biography or “Who’s Who” page mixed with a personal blog. Your personal page provides highlights of the information you have submitted to

Each registered user of has a personal page. When you are logged into the site, a link to your personal page (“My Personal Page”) appears in the “My Account” menu.

A list of all active personal pages is included on the Who’s Who page at Personal pages that would be blank, because the user hasn’t entered any information or has chosen to keep the information private, aren’t included in the Who’s Who list.

Each personal page contains a list of summaries of information submitted to by the owner of the page. For example, my personal page ( begins with the biographical information I entered. Then it lists summaries of reviews I’ve made, flights I’ve documented, and other things that I’ve added

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