ROCK’s March Launch

I’ve posted photos from ROCK’s March, 2012, launch in the Photo Album.

I arrived early to show off the new Mobile-edition of

For a day in early March, it was quite hot. But, “in like a lion” held true as high winds plagued us all day.

We had to watch the anemometer and stop the launch when the wind speed exceeded 20 miles per hour. In spite of the wind, we launched many rockets.

Chris flew his Centurion as a two-stager using an ST-16 Booster Nozzle.

The rocket reached only about 30-feet in altitude when the second stage ignited. But, it seemed to take a moment for the second-stage motor to come up to fill-powered. The rocket seemed to hang in the air for a while, before rushing away then taking a turn and heasding for the

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ROCK’s February 2012 Launch Video

We had a record turnout at the February launch!

Video from the January ROCK Launch

I created the following short video from high-speed (slow-motion) footage of the January ROCK launch I took with my Casio EX-F1 camera.

January ROCK Launch Photos

I’ve posted my photographs from the January, 2012, ROCK launch in the ROCK Launches Photo Album.

A comfortable temperature, clear skies, and, for the first couple of hours, no wind at all, the weather was as close to perfect for rocket launching as I’ve ever seen.

Carl launched his SpaceX Falcon which he had built the previous night.

Other than the parachute not opening, the rocket turned in a perfect flight.

The lack of wind encouraged me to load a G motor into my clone of the Estes Shadow instead of an F. The rocket flew straight up trailing a stream of black smoke. The seven-second delay was just a bit too long, but close enough. The yellow parachute filled with air and the rocket floated gently to earth, landing in the adjacent field.

Many really nice scale models were flown including this Gemini Titan on a cluster

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More of the ROCK Launch in 3D ….

If you have a pair of red/green (anaglyph) glasses, put them on to view this image:

September ROCK Launch in 3D

I took some 3D photographs and videos at the September, 2011, ROCK launch. I’m still figuring out how to edit and share them. But, here’s a preview: