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Look for more designs to be indexed in the Rocksim Library and the OpenRocket Libray. I updated the “spider” which searches the internet for designs. It now also looks inside zip archive files. This has already added dozens of designs to the indexes.

I made the “thumbnails” displayed in Photo Albums larger. The pages will take longer to display, but the photos look much better.

I added a “Search” tab to the Rocketry Plans and Instructions index. This will make it easier for you to find plans or instructions without having to search the entire site.

Photo Album T-Shirts, Posters, Postage Stamps, and More ….

When viewing an image in the Photo Album, you may see a link under “What You Can Do” for ordering a t-shirt, printed photo, poster, genuine US postage stamp, or other product featuring the image. The currently link appears only under images you have uploaded to and under photos that I contributed (such as the photos I’ve taken at ROCK, NEFAR, and TTRA launches).

The link only appears under images which are large enough to print well on most of the products. Generally, an image must be more than 1000 pixels wide or 1000 pixels tall for it to print well on a t-shirt. For this reason, the site includes the link to order products only if the image is more than 1000 pixels wide or tall.

Later, an option will be added to allow you to specify if you’d like others to be able to use your images on products.

As an

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Creating and Managing a Photo Album allows you to create and manage Photo Albums. As you might easily guess, a Photo Album is a collection of photos. You can share photos of your rockets, rocket launches, rocket projects – anything rocketry related.

To create a Photo Album, you must first be a registered member of We’ve tried to make the registration process quick and easy. To register, please visit the Create an Account page.

Enter your name, email address, and the password you wish to use. Please use your real name in First Last format (for example, “Roger Smith”). Your email address will be used to login to and to send you brief messages directly associated with your access to It will not be used to send you advertisements and will not be displayed on the web site to other visitors.

Shortly after you click the “Submit” button, you’ll receive an email message from with a

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