2010 EMRR Challenge Winners Announced

Do you remember 2010? Bell-bottom jeans, cell phones the size of a loaf of bread, the new Atari 2600 ….

Okay, 2010 wasn’t that long ago. But, it’s been a while since Nick Esselmann kicked off the 2010 EMRR Challenge. I took over EMRR (now at the end of that year. Although filled with an incredible amount of information about rocketry, EMMR had become difficult, almost impossible, to continue to maintain and enhance. So, I undertook the task of updating EMRR to a more extensible and maintainable architecture.

With the work it took to create and import information from the original EMRR, the Challenge and the contests related to it, often took a back seat. I apologize if this bothered anyone, but I had to prioritize my limited time and many of the things associated with contests took larger blocks of my time than working on the web site.

But … we are

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Design This Spaceship Contest Winners

Visit the Design This Spaceship contest page to view the winning entries in the contest.

Thanks to all who entered and voted in the contest. All the entries are amazing!

Design This Spaceship Contest – Time to Vote

Please take a few minutes to review the entries and pick your favorites in the Design this Spaceship Contest. You have until September 7 to visit and cast your votes.

The entries are all excellent, so you’ll enjoy reading about them and viewing the photographs.

Another Design the Spaceship Contest Update

I’ve updated the site to support voting in the Design the Spaceship contest. I still have to manually add one additional entry then do some testing to make sure everything works. I’d also like to give the contestants a couple of days to review the entries to make sure I didn’t mess something up. So, I’ll set the site to start accepting votes on August 10, but the official voting period will begin on August 15.

Design the Spaceship Contest Update

Voting for the Design the Spacecraft contest will begin in a few days. Between an earache and some work at my real job, I got tied up and haven’t finished cleaning up the entries and setting up the site for voting. But, I will try to get that done before the weekend. My apologizes for the delay and thanks again to all of those who are participating in the contest.

Submit Entries for the 2010 (now 2011) Design This Spaceship Contest

You can submit your entries for the 2010/2011 Design This Spaceship contest at:

The above page shows a list of the current entries followed by a description of the contest and prizes. Click on the “Click here” link near the top of the page to add your entry to the list.

Enter the Title and a brief Description of your rocket. The Title should be the name you have assigned to the rocket.

Click the “Submit” button and your entry will be created. You’ll be provided with a link to the “Build” where you will document the details of designing, constructing, and flying your rocket. A Build is sort of like a “blog” where you can create a journal documenting a project you are undertaking.

You can return any time before voting starts to update and add entries to your Build. You can get back to the build by going to the 2010

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