Flutter-By Caught By Spider

From Scott Johnson:

“So I was painting my Flutter-By (Centuri Style); doing 10 minute intervals of red paint. In between painting, my Flutter-By was caught by a spider…”


Facebook Integration

Facebook Integration has been added to If you enable this option, the flights, builds, build entries, and reviews that you add to will be summarized and posted to your Facebook page automatically. The Facebook post will include a brief summary of the flight, build, build entry, or review followed by a link to read the entire article at

To enable Facebook Integration, log into Select “Facebook Integration” from the “My Account” menu. Click the “click here” link as directed. You will be taken to Facebook where, following the prompts, you can log into Facebook and authorize to post to the site. can only post to your Facebook page when you are using and are logged into Facebook. If tries to post something to Facebook and you are not logged into Facebook, will prompt you to click a “click here” link to go to

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Documenting a Build at

At, you can create a “Build” to document your progress building a kit or completing another kind of rocketry project. A Build is a journal, similar to a blog or a “Build Thread” in one of the rocketry forums.

As you work on the project, you can add entries to the build to describe your progress. You can include photos in the entries and attach files, such as Rocksim designs or fin templates, to the build.

You can also embed entries from your build in posts in a rocketry forum. will display the “BBCode” you can use to include the entry in a forum post.

Creating a Build

To begin a build, select the Submit a New Build link from the Builds page.

The form for creating a new build is displayed. Enter a title for the Build in the Title field. The title can be the name of the kit or scratch-built

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