Updated Forum Image Uploader

The Forum Image Uploader is a tool for making it easier to upload images to and use them in forum posts at The Rocketry Forum, Ye Olde Rocket Forum, and other online forums.


You’ll be prompted to log in. If don’t already have an account at, you’ll need to select the “Sign up” link. Otherwise, enter the email address and password that you use for

Once logged in, you’ll see a simple form for uploading your picture. You can also upload an OpenRocket or a Rocksim design file.

To upload a file, drag the file and drop it in the box. Or click the box and select the file to upload. Then enter a title for the file. Finally, click the “Submit” button then sit back and wait. It may take a little while for the file to upload.

Once the file is uploaded, you’ll see a thumbnail of

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Remodeling is currently going through an update to make the pages more responsive and the site easier to use. This latest remodeling effort is the third or fourth time that I have tried to make a major change to the way that the web site looks and acts. All the previous efforts involved rewriting the code for the site from scratch. All of the previous efforts failed when I realized just how overwhelming huge the task of rewriting all of the code and importing the existing data would be.

This time, instead of recreating all of the code for the web site, I am rewriting sections of from the inside out. By keeping the existing infrastructure of the site, all of the existing features will continue to work as I update the site and add new features and there is no need to import all of the existing information into a new site.


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Flutter-By Caught By Spider

From Scott Johnson:

“So I was painting my Flutter-By (Centuri Style); doing 10 minute intervals of red paint. In between painting, my Flutter-By was caught by a spider…”


Featured Rocketry Blog Posts’s Featured Rocketry Blog Posts page list posts selected from rocketry blogs that are especially interesting. The page displays summaries of featured posts with links to read the entire post or to view a list of related posts. The Featured Rocketry Blog Posts page gathers the best of the rocketry blogs in one place.

Printable Flight Logs

You can now download and print a flight log for each rocket in your “Rocket Gallery.” The flight logs are intended to be printed on standard 8.5 x 11″ paper which can be hole-punched to store in a notebook. The flight logs include a summary of the flights already entered and space to record additional flights.

To print a flight log, log into then select “My Rockets” from the “My Account” menu. Choose a rocket from the list of rockets in your gallery and click on its title. Look in the “What You Can Do” section for links to “Print This Rocket’s Flight Log” and “Print a Blank Flight Log for this Rocket.”

The first option generates a downloadable flight log with summaries of the flights already recorded for the rocket and blank entries that you can fill in on-site when launching the rocket. The second option creates a log with just blank entries.

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Print Flight Cards at Home

A new feature of is an online tool for printing Flight Cards at home. The Flight Cards tool generates a PDF file which you can download and print before a launch. To save time at the launch, you can enter your name and other information that so that the cards are pre-filled with the supplied information. Visit to try out the new Flight Card tool.

Rocketeers Helping Others

On the home page of, you will now see a list of rocketry-related items up for auction on eBay. The sellers of the items are donating a percentage of the sale to a charity through a program eBay runs called eBay Giving Works. The list will only be displayed when there are active auction listings.

eBay Giving Works makes it easy for people selling items on eBay to donate a portion (or all) of the selling price of an item to one of hundreds of charities participating in the program.

If you are listing auctions on eBay, please consider donating a portion of the selling price to a charity. If you do, and the item you are selling is rocketry-related, please let us know through the form at Once we’ve reviewed the auction listing, we will add it to the list displayed on the home page and the Charity Auctions page.


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