TTRA’s March Launch

I had nothing to fly, but decided to attend the March TTRA launch as a spectator. And it turned out to be a great day for watching rockets fly.

Can you ask for more than a bright, blue sky and almost no wind? We’ll, I guess it could have been a little cooler. 🙂

You can see the entire collection of photos I took in the TTRA Photo Album. But, I’ll point out a few of the most interesting shots here.

Chris Michielssen (hcmbanjo) flew his new Dr. Zooch SLS. He modified the kit a little, shifting the location of the SRBs a little and adding some decals, to match the last NASA renderings of the proposed rocket.

I managed to catch a couple of neat shots of a two-stage Red Max variant in the process of staging.

In the photo above, the second stage has just ignited, but the first stage

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Photos from the January, 2012, Tampa Tripoli Rocket Launch

The year started off great for TTRA with nice weather for the first launch of the year.

The day began with light winds and a mostly-clear sky. As clouds moved in later, the wind actually let up a little.

Several boost gliders took to the air including this one from Astron Mike.

Brian Urban’s beautiful X-15 turned in an exciting flight. After flying straight for a couple hundred feet, it made a dramatic turn then flew horizontally for a while. It looked like a real X-15 in flight! The pod ejected and the X-15 glided around in a lazy circle landing smoothly on the grass field.

The X-15 was followed by a Sidewinder that, amazingly, followed almost the same trajectory.

Although it’s a little blurry, I managed to capture this cool image of an Estes Solar Flare staging.

I launched my Shadow clone on a G

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