Tags Added to Rocketry Product Index

With thousands of products listed in the Rocketry Product Index, the biggest challenge faced is how to organize the information.

One of the first things I did when revamping the EMRR web site into was to add “attributes” to the rocket kits and other products. The attributes include data such as the manufacturer, length, diameter, recommended motors, designer, and style of the rocket. The attributes are linked to similar attributes in other products, so, for example, you can quickly access a list of all Ring-Finned Rockets or all rockets with A8-3 as a recommended motor.

You can find a list of all the attributes by clicking the “By Attribute” tab in the Product Index.

I recently added a new attribute, Tags, which helps to find products related to other products. For example, you can now quickly call up a lit of all the kits which are scale models of Black Brant rockets or

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