For Texas rocketry club and their inspirational teacher, the sky is just the beginning

“Where the Rio Grande and the Rio Conchos meet in west Texas is believed to be the oldest continuously-cultivated land in America. But the most precious crop you’ll find there today is dreams ….”

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As an

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A First Look at the New MPC Rockets

MPC, which produced model rocket kits from 1969 to 1978, is coming back. Round 2, a “collectibles” company which has re-issued classic toys and plastic model kits, is producing new model rocket kits under the MPC brand. The new MPC’s first kits are a series of easy-to-build model rocket kits featuring colorful pre-printed body tubes and unique parachute designs which will be available in September of 2012.

Three of the first kits to be released pay tribute to Kiss, the flamboyant rock group which rose to fame in the late 1970s with hits such as “Rock and Roll All Nite.” The Kiss rockets feature full-color graphics based on classic Kiss albums. The rockets include color-molded plastic nose cones and fins. The paper body tubes are pre-decorated with images from the album covers. The plastic parachutes feature graphics inspired by the album covers. Two of the kits also contain self-stick fin decals.

Also being released

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Team America Rocketry Challenge Featured at White House Science Fair

Each year, about 7,000 students from middle and high schools across the nation compete in the Team America Rocketry Challenge. Each team designs, builds, flies, and tests a model rocket that must reach a specific altitude and duration as determined by a set of rules which change each year. Teams make test flights to qualify for the finals which are held each May in Washington. DC. The top 100 teams are invited to the national finals which awards prizes including $60,000 in cash and scholarships split between the top ten finishers.

Teams of students from Presidio, Texas, have made it to the TARC finals in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Although Presidio is one of the poorest areas in Texas, teachers and the community came together to help the students make the trips to Washington. And, in February of 2012, members of the Presidio High School Rocketry Team made another trip to Washington. They attended the

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Falcon 9 Model Rocket Kit Now Available from SpaceX

SpaceX’s flying scale model of their Falcon 9 rocket is now available from The 1/88 scale rocket is about 23″ tall and uses clear plastic fins for flight which may be removed for display.

According to the description at

On December 8, 2010, SpaceX became the first commercial company in history to launch, fly, and recover a spacecraft from Earth orbit. The Falcon 9 rocket delivered the Dragon spacecraft to orbit where it circled the Earth at speeds greater than 7,600 meters per second (17,000 miles per hour). After nearly two orbits, Dragon fired its thrusters to begin reentry and splashed down in the Pacific Ocean 3 hours, 19 minutes and 52 seconds after liftoff. Now you can build and fly your own 1:88 scale model of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket with the Dragon spacecraft. With molded nose and tail, and full color stickers for body and nose, the

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2011 Rocketry Holiday Sales

‘Tis the season for savings ….

Here’s a list of sales by rocketry product vendors that have been announced.’s 2011 Holiday Sale – Special markdowns and, after the sale ends, a gift certificate will be sent by email that can be used for a later purchase from or send to someone else as a gift. The sale begins on Thanksgiving, November 24, and ends on Sunday, November 27. Rocketry Warehouse’s Black Friday Sale – November 25. Madcow Rocketry’s Black Friday Sale – November 25. The sale begins at 6am PST (9am EST) and ends when the listed stock of sale items are all sold. Fliskits – Free domestic shipping through the end of December. SquirrelWorks – Specials throughout the holiday season. Wildman Rocketry Black Saturday Sale – Saturday November 26. Quest Aerospace’s Three-Day Thanksgiving Sale – Starts November 25 and ends November 27. Sale prices on rocket motors, igniters and kits. Featherweight

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Quest to Offer Composite Motors

Bill Stine, of Quest Aerospace, just “spilled the beans,” revealing that Quest is working on getting the proper paperwork in place to import composite rocket motors manufactured by Klima GmbH. Kilma is a fireworks manufacturer and model rocket retailer in Germany.

The new motors are single-use, end-burning composite motors in cardboard casings. The motors will be available in 18mm, 24mm, and 29mm diameters to fit standard size motor mounts. Subject to certification, the initial motors will be:

D7 (18mm) E18 (24mm) F14 (24mm) F24 (29mm)

The motors will have delays and ejection charges though booster versions will be available. The motors will come with Quest’s Q2G2 igniters.

The best estimate is that the motors will be available in the Fall of 2012.

Rocketry Loses Another Friend

Darrell Mobley created Rocketry Online, one of the first rocketry web sites on the internet. Later, he started Rocketry Planet which has become the premiere site on the web for rocketry news. Rocketry Planet also hosts one of the most popular rocketry discussion forums.

Darrell Mobley died a few days ago.

Darrell was an active rocketeer and I met him several times at NEFAR launches. He usually brought a selection of his amazing collection of rockets including a number of Estes Maxi-Brute Honest Johns modified to fly on high-power motors that are almost as large as the rockets.

I just spent some time reviewing photographs I took at NEFAR launches. Looking for a photo of Darrell to include in this article, I found him in a few shots. He always wore a bright yellow t-shirt which made him easy to spot. None of the photos seemed approprite to use to illustrate this post, but, I

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Ellis Kansas Declared ‘Rocket Town’

The city council of Ellis, Kansas, passed a declaration to call the city “Rocket Town” on July 28, 2011. The declaration is in honor of the fourth anniversary of Big Creek Rocketry, a rocketry education program offered through the Ellis Public Library.

At the city council’s regular meeting on July 5, 2011, Ellis mayor Dave McDaniel read the proclamation calling for the city of about 2000 residents to be called “Rocket Town” on July 28. On July 28, Big Creek Rocketry will host a night model rocket launch.’s Second Anniversary Celebration – A Sale and Free T-Shirts is celebrating its second anniversary, but we’re the ones giving away the gifts! Complete an order of $100 or more with between now and Wednesday, July 7, 2011, and we’ll send you a FREE JONROCKET.COM T-SHIRT.

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