Black Powder Storage and Transport

Looking for a safe and convenient way to store and transport the black powder used for ejection charges, I found the Traditions Performance Firearms Muzzleloader Composite Tubular Flask with valve (black) at It cost less than $15 and arrived in two days since I have an Amazon prime membership.

The flask is made of a hard, black plastic. It has a high-quality feel to it. The top screws off and it holds about six ounces of black powder. The flask has a button that you press that opens a valve allowing you to dispense just the amount of powder you need.

I usually use Newtons 3rd ejection cannisters or I make ejection charges using plastic wrap. In either case, the Traditions Performance Flask will make the process it easier and safer.

A Handy Little Scale

Getting accurate weights of individual parts is important when choosing a motor for a rocket and for modeling and simulating a rocket in Rocksim or OpenRocket. For larger rockets, especially, it is sometimes difficult to weigh parts on a flat scale. So, here’s something else I bought from and “re-purposed” for rocketry use. It’s a “Digital Hanging Scale” that’s commonly used for weighing fish. It’s small, a little larger and heavier than a deck of playing cards, and cost less than $20. I’ve found it handy for weighing parts of larger rockets and it’s small enough to carry to a launch just in case you need to weigh something onsite.


Reloadable Motors Case

I’ve been on an organizing kick lately – trying to make storing and transporting my rocketry stuff easier.

Based on a suggestion in The Rocketry Forum (Gun case or reload case!), I ordered a Plano Gun Case from to use for storing and carrying my reloadable motor casings and accessories.The case has a foam insert that you can customize by creating openings for your motor cases and other parts.

The case was less than $40 and should be large enough to store my Cesaroni 54mm 6GXL and other larger motor cases. After I get it, I’ll let you know how well it works for me.