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Apologies for getting behind in processing new reviews and other site maintenance. Between the holidays and a bad cold or the flu or whatever, I wasn’t able to spend enough time working on the site. But, I’m catching up now. Community

I had to take a big step backwards and basically start-over with the new Community web site. Shortly after I set up the new site, a major upgrade of the software I used was announced. The modifications I had made to the software are not compatible with the new version of the software. Instead of continuing to develop the site around software which would soon be outdated, I decided to wait until a stable release of the new version of the software was available.

Now that a public beta version of the software has been released, I’ve begun extending it to support I’m taking things slower this time,

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“Tag clouds” (or “word clouds”) are displayed on many web sites in general and, specifically, on most blog sites (including this one). A tag cloud is a visual way of representing the “tags” assigned to posts or pages of a web site. Usually the size of the font used to display each tag is proportional to the number of times the tag appears within the site.

Even though I don’t think tag clouds are very useful as navigation tools, they are kind of cool looking. And, generating a tag cloud isn’t difficult. So, I added one to

Above is a snapshot of the tag cloud. Click on it to see the real tag cloud. The darkness and size of the font used to display the tag is proportional to how often the term is used within The most commonly used phrases are darker and larger. Some word clouds

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TTRA September Launch Photographs

My photographs from the September, 2011, TTRA launch have been added to the Photo Album.